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Courage To Be Free

If you have a burning desire to free your mind and your life to live as you desire, then all it takes is the  'Courage to be Free'.

We are firm 'knowers' that all you need to live completely free in every moment, in every meaning of the term, is within you already. You just have to invoke the courage to open to it.

That is what 'Courage to be Free' is all about.

We offer you various coaching programs, retreats and webinars, so you may open to and discover your own version of freedom.


Set Yourself Free

Choose Your Adventure

No matter how free your life seems to be on the outside, there is never true freedom unless you first find it within. These intensive sessions will open you to your 'true' self... the one that is already free!

This week is about falling deeper & deeper into ‘you’, seeing the stories you have told yourself to be true about who you are & your world, and arriving at a place of nothingness… where you will finally experience yourself as ‘everything’. This week you will meet with your infinite self.

Set Your Life Free

Choose Your Path

There are just so many ways to make an income without being tied to a fixed location. This community will show you the buffet of choice available to you & through discussions with fellow nomads, help you decide what is truly right for you.

Be inspired and entertained by the myriad of stories personally shared by those traveling the world full-time as location independent nomads. Learn what is working in the real world and how to make freedom work for you.

As nomads ourselves, now with no home and no residency anywhere, we spend much of our time helping others embrace a freedom lifestyle.

Whether it be through close one-on-one work, clearing old blockages that prevents someone from stepping into their own freedom, or teaching someone the latest strategies for making money on the road, we love it all.

If any thing here resonates for you, there is a reason for that.

Please take action on it.

There is no time other than the NOW!

We look forward to working with you very soon

Nat n Jodie x